The Technology in Pride and Prejudice

Here you will be able to read a list of the technology that was used throughout the book of “Pride and Prejudice.”

  • Letters: you would get a real insight on the characters personality through the narrator
  • Books: for leisure
    • Library
      • a status symbol
        • Mr. Darcy’s personal library has been put together through multiple generations
        • Mr. Bingley lets anyone read his books in his library
        • Mr. Bennet has a private library, which his daughters rarely enter
    • Circulating Library: a public library of today
      • For the middle class where they would read used books
      • Where Lydia and Kitty would go to meet up with the soliders
    • Folios: a large book
      • very expensive
      • a status symbol
  • Cards
  • Money
  • Women’s education: to entertain
    • Painting
    • Drawing
    • Piano/Harp
    • Languages (French- was the universal language at the time, not English)
    • Books
  • Chaise and four: a four wheeled closed carriage
  • Phaeton and ponies: a sporty open carriage
  • Curricle: a two wheeled chaise usually drawn by two horses

3 thoughts on “The Technology in Pride and Prejudice

  1. I’ve thought of combining my page, items discussed in P&P, to this one but I’m having a hard time figuring out how to make that work well. I like how my page is visual, maybe we could just add links on your page to other web pages if someone is interested in learning more. Thoughts?


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