Quotes and Analysis

Many significant quotes are scattered through out the novel Pride and Prejudice. This page is dedicated to discovering and sharing these quotes and to give everyone an idea of the purpose behind them.

1.) “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife” – Jane Austen

This quote suggests that the opposite is true. In Pride and Prejudice, it is in the interest of a woman to marry a man with at least some good deal of money. The husband is supposed to support his wife since he is the one with a profession and she is not. So, logically, marriages come from financial considerations.

2.) “To be fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love” – Jane Austen

In Pride and Prejudice, dancing shows the willingness of a person to involve himself or herself with a partner. A gentleman who is fond of dancing shows a willing attitude toward getting married or falling in love. Someone who does not want to dance at all reveals a reluctance to get involved in the first place.

3.) “Unhappy as the event must be for Lydia, we may draw from it this useful lesson; that loss of virtue in a female is irretrievable- that one false step involves her in endless ruin- that her reputation is no less brittle that it is beautiful- and that she cannot be too much guarded in her behavior towards the undeserving of the other sex.”  -Jane Austen

This is a very important quote because it sums up the frailty of a woman’s reputation at this time. It is in reference to the Lydia’s false elopement with Wickham. It is saying that everyone can learn their lesson from Lydia because what she has done cannot be taken back and it is going to ruin her of not her whole family too.

4.) “I thank you for my share of the favour,” said Elizabeth; “but I do not particularly like your way of getting husbands.” – Jane Austen

This quote perfectly sums up the zest of Elizabeth’s character. She is reacting to Lydia and how naive and blinded she is about her marriage to Wickham. She puts Lydia in her place because Lydia doesn’t even know half of what has gone on with Wicckham and what kind of a man he is. She is referencing how Lydia’s flirtatious is highly inappropriate and almost lost her and her family their notable reputation.

5.) ” Bingley was ready, Georgiana was eager, and Darcy determined, to be pleased” -Jane Austen

This quote ended the first paragraph on page 170 of the book. It was a quite interesting  statement considering the sudden arrival of Darcy and company. It put together all the moods of the four characters in the scene in one swoop. As you should have known, Elizabeth was in a daze. She assumed that Darcy and Georgiana would be visiting a few days after Georgiana had arrived. But to her amazement they showed up the day of. As for the other three I believe the quote is spot on for the type of mind set they were in.

As a side note maybe to foreshadow, it was slightly prevalent that Bingley and Georgiana showed no interest in eachother while on the visit. What do you think?

6.) “If  Mr. Darcy is neither by honour nor inclination confined to his cousin, why is not he to make another choice? And if I am that choice, why may not I accept him?” ~Austen pg. 232

This quote is very critical to the boook because it perfectly sums up Elizabeth’s disregard for social status. She is rejecting Lady Catherine’s request regarding the marraige of fher daughter to Darcy. Lady Catherine knows that Darcy loves Elizabeth and that scares her. She came to try adn intimidate Elizabeth into rejecting Darcy again and Elizabeth isn’t havaing it. She is basically saying if Darcy was meant to marry his cousin then why would he proopse to me. And since he did propose to me that must mean he does not want to marry his cousin so who I am to turn him down.

7.) “It is a great comfort to have you so rich, and when you have nothing else to do, I hope you will think of us. I am sure Wickham would like a place at court very much, and I do not think we shall have quite money enough to live upon without some help… however, do not speak to Mr. Darcy about it, if you had rather not.” ~Austen Pg. 252

This quote is from the letter Lydia send to Eliizabeth after her engagment to Darcy. Not only is Lydia asking her for money, but she is asking for Darcy to help Wickham get a place in the King’s Court, which is highly prestious and would require Darcy to use his greatest connections. It is a favour Darcy could only use for a great friend, let alone Wickham. Lydia is very nonchalant about it saying that if Elizabeth doesn’t want to she doesn’t have to, but her and Wickham would benefit greatly from it.



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