Pride and Prejudice: The Proposal

Throughout Pride and Prejudice, there are several proposals between various different characters, some get proposed to more than once. However, what I will focus on in this post are the proposals of marriage to Miss Elizabeth Bennet, the second oldest daughter in the Bennet household, from Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. Throughout the novel, Darcy makes two proposals. The first being unsuccessful, the second being successful and accepted by Elizabeth. The second proposal, compared to the first, highlights the significant change that Darcy’s character has undergone throughout the novel.



One thought on “Pride and Prejudice: The Proposal

  1. Good post. I love how the diversity of Darcy’s character developed throughout the novel. I’m glad my initial thoughts (antagonist) of Darcy changed into a shy lover. Good post. Videos also helped grasp the idea behind Austen’s character development!


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