Timeline Of Jane Austen

  • December 16th, 1775
    • Jane Austen was born in Steventon, England. She is the 7th of 8th children to William and Cassandra Austen and only 1 of 2 daughters
  • 1783
    • First sent to schooling, in Oxford England. To be tutored by a private tutor named Ann Cawley. Both contract Typhoid Fever and return to Steventon
  • 1785
    • Jane Austen is enrolled in boarding school at Abbey School in Reading
  • 1786
    • Home School; the family money runs out and Austen returns to Steventon for a 2nd time. Rest of her education is finished at her home in Steventon
  • 1793
    • Austen begins a Novella called Lady Susan. A novella told in a series of letters
  • December 1795
    • Austens’ first “love”. Meets Tom Lefroy, an Irish law student who is the nephew of her neighbor
  • August 1797
    • Austen completes the first draft of First Impressions, the novel that later becomes Pride and Prejudice
  • 1801
    • Jane Austen and her family move to the resort town of Bath, after her fathers retirement from the Clergy
  • December 2nd, 1802
    • Prior to her 27th birthday, Jane Austen receives her one and only marriage proposal from Harris Bigg-Wither, a recent Oxford University graduate. She accepts but to some reasons, she withdraws the acceptance the next day. Wither marries again 2 years later while Austen never marries again
  • 1803
    • Austen sells a novel called Susan, but the book is never published and after sometime, she buys the rights to the book back
  • January 21st, 1805
    • Jane’s father, William George Austen dies
  • July 7th, 1809
    • Jane and Cassandra Austen and their mother move into Chawton Cottage, which is located on estate owned by their brother Edward
  • October 1811
    • Austen publishes Sense and Sensibility, even though the author is referred to as ” The lady”
  • January 1813
    • Pride and Prejudice is Published
  • May 1814
    • Mansfield Park is published
  • May 1817
    • A bed ridden Jane Austen and Cassandra Austen move to Winchester in order to be closer to Austens Doctor
  • July 18, 1817
    • Jane Austen dies at the age of 41. She is buried in Winchester Cathedral



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