Pride & Prejudice Ending Forum

This blog post is for you to tell your opinion about the ending of P&P. Please feel free to edit comment post. Give me your thoughts!

Who knew Mr. Darcy liked walking? Could this be a theme? Or a gesture of affection?


This is how I felt at the end of the book!


My overall thoughts were as followed:

The ending was very quick. There was a whole lot of tension and build up between the love of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Then as soon as we get to the climax it runs through the rest of the book like a dog eating food. I thought it would be a little more indepth and go into how amazing their lives were and how the wedding was. Of course we get almost no feedback. We get almost like a reading of bullet points. After dragging me through the book, making me read and analyze all of the themes, underlying messages, and foreshadowing; it was just a bit dry and cliche.

Let me know what you guys think about it. Enlighten my bias opinion. I may change my mind if your convincing!


3 thoughts on “Pride & Prejudice Ending Forum

  1. I totally agree that the ending of this book was dry and in my opinion very predicting. It was hard for me to get through the book, due to it’s lack of constant action and excitement. The ending was very boring because we already knew that if Darcy was to propose again to Elizabeth she would say yes. The specific details towards the end about their lives moving forward is lacking in this ending.


  2. I thought that the ending of the book was very quick and straight to the point as well. I thought Austen could have ended the book by giving the readers more details into Elizabeth and Darcy’s marriage. Maybe Austen chose to end the book with little information of their relationship because we got some much throughout the book. Overall the ending was an ok summary of what happen to most of the characters.


  3. oh goodness, I thought the book was fairly slow and then when it came to the end I was expecting this grand and elaborate proposal or something but was left with little substance. I’m fairly disappointed.


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