Pride & Prejudice Forum

Questions to discuss:

What are your thoughts on the whole book?

I thought the whole book was way different to what i’m used to reading as well as it was very dated so the type of English language used was very difficult to understand. Overall I believe the book was better than the movie because the book provided more details and more of an interesting story with more drama than the film.

How do you think Jane Austen and Elizabeth are related?

I think Jane and Elizabeth are related because I feel secretly Jane wanted to live vicariously through Elizabeth. I feel as though since Jane’s life was so boring, she wanted to somehow write out a life she dreamed of having.

Do you think Darcy is deserving of Elizabeth?

Yes. Just because he was stand-off-ish in the beginning that shouldn’t decide wether or not he is deserving of her. He worked for her therefore in the end they were meant to be.

Could you tell from the beginning that Elizabeth and Darcy would end up together?

Yes, I knew from the first part of the book when they made acquaintances at the ball. That encounter was a catalyst for the entire set up of the book.

Things you like? Dislike?

I like that the situations in the book aline with the time period Austen was living in. The things I dislike about the book was that the beginning was super slow and took a while for the drama to kick in.

Would you recommend this book to a friend?

Yes, its a lovely book.

What are your questions from the book?

I have no questions, after discussions in class I feel as though I understand the book quite well.



2 thoughts on “Pride & Prejudice Forum

  1. I saw this on Anna’s Facebook page and I love the book. I don’t think Darcy is deserving of Lizzy tho, he was such a jerk in the book from the start! She was better off with Wickham


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