Importance of Ball Dance in Pride and Prejudice

Dancing was extremely important during this time period because it allowed people to socialize with each other, as well as show their interest. Dancing at Balls also represented character for example Mr. Darcy refusing to dance with Elizabeth at the Meryton ball showed his lack of character, while Mr. Bingley character was, appreciable as he danced every dance. One important quote from Sir William Lucas states “I consider it dancing as one of the first refinements of polished societies.” During this time many believed that a man should dance as it represented good character and ability’s. Ultimately dancing was a way for people to hook up and decide if they wanted to get married.


3 thoughts on “Importance of Ball Dance in Pride and Prejudice

  1. Really liked this page. It shows how important the ball was for setting the story early on. It gave the perfect platform to introduce certain characters and relationships and gives the reader something to have a base so we can see the characters grow.


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