Locations in Pride and Prejudice


There were 3 main counties that most of the action of Pride and Prejudice took place on. While some of the areas in the novel were imaginary, Jane Austen did a great job of making those places come to life to the reader and the impact those places made on the novel

  • Hertfordshire
  • Derbyshire
  • Kent


It is a county in Southern England which is bordered by Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Buckinghamshire and Greater London. It is located in the east region of the United Kingdom. Some of the imaginary places created by Austen included Longbourn which was the Bennetts residence, Netherfield park which was the residence of the Bingleys, the Lucas Lodge, home of the Lucases and the village of Meryton where the militia was quarted for a small time.


It is a county in the east midlands of England. It contains part of the National Forest and is bordered by Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, and Nottinghamshire. The imaginary places created by Austen include Pemberley which is the residence of Mr. Darcy, the villages of Lamberton which is the former residence of Mrs. Gardiner and Kympton which was the location of where Wickham was to be part of the clergy.


It is a county in south east England and is one of the home counties. It is bordered by Greater London, Surrey, and East Sussex. The main county town is Maidstone. The imaginary places include Rosings which is the residence of Lady Catherine, and Hunsford where Mr. Collins is Rector

So many different places in the United Kingdom were mentioned in the Novel. If any of my classmates know any other locations in the book or locations that were reflected upon Jane Austens writing, please feel free to write them. I think that knowing these locations would be beneficial to our understanding of the novel.


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