Pride and Prejudice Movie Adaptations

Pride and Prejudice Movies

Pride and Prejudice ( 1940)

This 1940 adaptation serves as the original motion picture of the movie. It stars Greer Garson as Elizabeth Bennett and Laurence Olivier as Fitzwilliam Darcy. It is directed by Robert Z. Leonard and screenwriters include Jane Murfin, Helen Jerome and Aldous Huxley. Since the movie was made in an early time of American Cinema, the ability to make the movie seem as if was made in 18th Century England was successful and the adaptation was successfully made. Below is the trailer for the 1940 adaptation.



Pride and Prejudice (2005)

This 2005 adaptation directed by Joe Wright stars Keira Knightly as Elizabeth Bennett and Matthew Macfadyen. The screenwriter is Deborah Moggoch. This movie created in 2005 is much more of an advanced cinematic feature because of the revolutionary effects used over the years that have become more advanced and better at creating cinema. It is obvious that the success in this feature is better because of the revolutionary cinematic techniques discovered over the years and the much more vast abilities to create critical pieces of film.

After watching both cinematic adaptations, I had mixed feelings about both movies. Whether it was the general effects, or the characters used or even how the movie was directed. You would of thought that anybody with some interest in Pride and Prejudice was enjoy the 2005 adaptation more but in fact, I enjoyed the 1940 adaptation more. I always enjoyed classic movies and since my opinions on Pride and Prejudice were quite negative, i still enjoyed the classic cinematic features in the classic adaptation. I feel as if the classic movie was so much simpler and straight to the point when producing the main plot of the story. I always enjoyed classic movies because of the abilities of the producers, directors and characters to create a movie with a lack of resources and un-advanced technology. It shows the true talents of these individuals to adapt to the story in such a way.


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