Pride and Prejudice Soundtrack

Below is the entire soundtrack of Pride and Prejudice the movie. Music has a way of changing the mood of each scene in a film. Filmmakers want to convey a specific emotion when telling their story. Music in a film adds an emotional impact on the viewer and is possibly one of the most powerful aspects that can make a film successful.

The link below gives information on the classical music in Pride and Prejudice and why it was used, what story it tells.


1.”Dawn” 00:0002:40

2. “Stars and Butterflies” 2:4004:42

stars and butterflies.jpg
3. “The Living Sculptures of Pemberley” 04:427:45

Living sculture.jpg
4. “Meryton Townhall” 07:459:00

5. “The Militia Marches In” 09:0009:58

The Militia
6. “Georgiana” 09:5811:33

7. “Arrival At Netherfield” 11:3313:18

Leaving Netherfeld
8. “A Postcard to Henry Purcell” 13:1816:00

A postcard.jpg
9. “Liz on Top of the World” 16:0017:15

Liz atop world
10. “Leaving Netherfield” 17:1519:05

Leaving Netherfeld
11. “Another Dance” 19:0520:22

Another dance
12. “The Secret Life of Daydreams” 20:2222:20

The secret .jpg
13. “Darcy’s Letter” 22:2026:18

Darcy Letter
14. “Can’t Slow Down” 26:1827:35

Cant slow
15. “Your Hands Are Cold” 27:3532:59

Hands cold
16. “Mrs. Darcy” 32:5936:37

Mrs Darcy



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