P&P goes Facebook Official

So it is pretty obvious this novel is kind of so ridiculously difficult to understand, from the actual language to the absurd social rules of dating in that time. It also doesn’t help that the students currently reading this book are from a time where if you don’t have a social media presence, you basically don’t even exist. So, to make things a little easier for the younger readers, we are recreating the novel in terms we can all understand. We are making Pride and Prejudice “Facebook Official”. Below are the names of characters in the novel and each hyperlink leads to screen shots of what his/her Facebook page would have looked like, if there was Facebook at this time.

Mrs. Bennet

Mr. Darcy


2 thoughts on “P&P goes Facebook Official

    1. Hi thank you I’m glad you enjoyed it! Unfortunately these are not real accounts 😦 we got a Facebook template and from there edited our own info. Creating a whole Facebook network of P&P characters sounds like it would be a great idea, will def look into it!


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