Pride and Prejudice Parodies


Parodies are imitations that deliberately produce a comic effect. Imitating and over-stressing noticeable features in this piece of literature achieve the humorous effect of a parody. These exaggerated parodies can be used to inspire new ways of thinking and reaching an understanding of “Pride and Prejudice”.

1. Summary.

This is a parody video that provides a summary of the major events in the book.

Note: If you have not finished the book I wouldn’t recommend watching it. It will spoil the ending.

*Also there is slight use of explicit language*


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2. Proposal Scene.

This video is a parody of the films proposal scene between Ms. Bennet and Mr.Darcy.

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3. Pride Prejudice and Zombies Trailer

This video is a trailer for a parody film that adds a slight twist to the story we all know, Zombies.

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