Bride & Prejudice Lyric Translations

Here below is the video of the first wedding song, the characters dance and sing to, with lyrics. Along with the actual lyrics of the song and the english translation. 

Punjabi Wedding Song

Balle balle je soniya de rang dekhlo
Balle bale – look at the colors of these beauties..
bina dor di uDh di patang dekh lo
Look at these flying kites without a string..

Aj munde hue enhan de malang dekh lo
These boys have become slaves for htem…
bina dor di uDh di patang dekh lo
Look at these flying kites without a string…

Ay kudiyan kudiyan, ay tikhiyan churiyan
These girls, the sharp knives!
kudiyan jawan hath na aawan
The girls go.. and do not become ours..hoo

ena pundiyan de maare hue tang dekh lo?
sat sri akal soniyo
Sat Sri Akal (a Sikh greeting) to the cute boys
sunaao sanuun haal soniyo
Tell us how you are, cute boys..

oh zaraa nach ke dikhaoo saDe naal soniyo
Oh, dance with us and show us how you do it..
na soch sawal soniyon, ehdi kyun chaal soniyo
Don’t think that we’re joking..

eh naara naara naara, eh tikhiyan tejh katara
…. these girls sharp as knives…
bijili di nangiyan taara.n, oh taara taara taara
These bare electric wires..
je kol ena de aaoge ta pyaar de chakke khaoge
If you come close to them, you’ll get the “shock” of love..

baage vich aaya karo
You should come into the garden..
jado chand chup jaave
When the moon hides..
tusi mukhda dikhaya karo
.. you should show your face.

tu aagaya to bahaar aayi
You have come, and so the spring has come..
haseen ho gaye nazare saare
Everything has become beautiful…

mala vich phul Tangeya
I have put flowers into garlands..
umraan lang chali aa.n
many years may have passed..
par joban nahin langeya
but my youth has not passed…



2 thoughts on “Bride & Prejudice Lyric Translations

  1. Translating the lyrics of the song is helpful because you can relate it to what is happening in the scene. If you do not know they are singing about love then it might be harder to catch onto what is happening. Very helpful for making connections!


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