Jewelry & Hair in India

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A Sarpech is a head-band like piece of jewelry worn by both indian men and women.  Its full of uncut diamonds and emeralds. The word Sarpech comes from medieval India and means ornament of the head. The use of uncut stones were popular because the emperors used to wear them in their sarpech.



The vanki is a south Indian arm band that come in a flower shape and are usually filled with diamonds or rubies. They’re different types of arm bands that come from different parts of India. They get their design from old Indian art and sculptures. The shape of the vanki is so it doesn’t strain or add pressure to the arm.



The nath  is an Indian nose ring from Maharashtra. The nath is a jeweled ring worn from the nose and comes in different styles. The nath symbolizes a husband in some sense. The old Indian tradition that the bride would wear it and once married; she should never be without it (may she never be a widow).



The Jadanagam from South India is a hair piece worn by brides in their braided hair. The piece represents a sun at the top to symbolize brilliance and power followed by flowers to represent fertility.


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