Bride and Prejudice Movie Reviews


Bride and Prejudice, a 2004 British-American-Indian romantic musical film that is a bollywood-style remake of the famous novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. With many reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and the BBC, Bride and Prejudice received overall positive ratings in what seemingly was a difficult movie to remake especially using a background such as the Bollywood movies usually use.

  • “In “Bride and Prejudice” she once again transcends boundaries. This is not a Bollywood movie, but a Hollywood musical comedy incorporating Bollywood elements. Her characters burst into song and dance at the slightest provocation, backed up by a dance corps that materializes with the second verse and disappears at the end of the scene. That’s Bollywood.” -Roger Ebert 
    • Roger Ebert talks of how Bride and Prejudice is not a Bollywood movie, yet an american movies that takes the qualities and values of a Bollywood movie and incorporates and implements them into the movie itself. With exciting musical numbers and numerous dance routines, Bride and Prejudice does exactly what they needed to do in order to bring that Indian culture and style to the big screen.
  • “In 1813, not even the venerated Jane Austin could’ve accurately predicted that Pride and Prejudice would become one of the most beloved novels of all time, much less the inspiration for a contemporary Bollywood musical. But today, 192 years later, that’s exactly what’s happened, thanks to a legion of loyal fans, and a young, ingenious director named Gurinder Chadha.”- Tiffany Sanchez
    • Tiffany Sanchez of Cinemablend talks about the legacy of Jane Austens novel, and how 192 years later, the story of this classic piece of english literature is bring transformed into an exciting cinematic love story that has been transitioned to the big screen. The power of the literature and the abilities of the directors and producers to take a english cultural novel and use the same content and transform it to an movie with so much indian culture integrated into it.
  • “So is Gurinder Chadha’s all-singing, all-dancing new Bollywood-Austen spin Bride and Prejudice in the same fashionable vein? Not quite. In fact, it is sublimely indifferent to these challenging perspectives, and maybe that’s a relief. But for all that it whisks its characters across oceans and continents – to London and LA and Amritsar – her film cheerfully invents whole new dimensions of parochialness and shallowness, vast new acres of unreflecting naivety, that weren’t in the original.”-Peter Bradshaw
    • Bradshaw explains how the bollywood spin of Pride and Prejudice and the novel itself are so different in many different aspects. Especially in the musical and fashionable side of things. Seeing the vibrant and colorful dresses used in Bride and Prejudice to support the indian cultural and the clothing that symbolizes a traditional indian men or women. The ability to take a Bollywood movie and film it across 3 major continents and the transitional abilities of the producers and directors to work their surroundings to keep the indian culture symbolized in the movie which made the quality of the movie so much better.
  • “Then again, because the director Gurinder Chadha knows how to sell multiplex multiculturalism — her last feature was “Bend It Like Beckham” — the actual pitch was probably cannier, something along the lines of: “Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ recontextualized as a Bollywood musical (only shorter) and set against the backdrop of the new global economy. I think we can get Ashanti for one of the numbers.”-Manohla Dargis
    • What Dargis based her critiques around is the multiculturalism shown in the movie. To connect British, American, and Indian culture in a single movie and how each mesh and mix with each other to complete a sufficient make of a classic english literature. British culture and indian culture are so different and for a director to mesh each and try to find the important aspects of each to mix with each other shows the quality of the director. To mix classic english literature with old indian culture would be so hard to find the middle ground between the both but Bride and Prejudice did a great job of making a film so sophisiticated in the sense of the mixture of 2 vastly different cultures
  • My Own Movie Review
    • Pride and Prejudice, a classic piece of english literature that dates back to the 1800s incorporates aspects of marriage, societal values, and classes to show how vast England was at the time of the novel, which was written by Jane Austen. Bride and Prejudice, a 2004 Bollywood movie took a classic piece of literature and added a twist to it, that twist being a mix of cultures. With the incorporation of classic indian values and English societal values as well as the american style of style, Bride and Prejudice was a well directed and produced movie that had excellent acting and performances by both english and indian actors and actresses. They took Jane Austens classic piece of literature and transformed it into a multicultural cinematic work of art using so many different values.

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