Characters of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

What I enjoy so much about The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is that they really are all about THE Lizzie Bennet although they sometimes refer her as rambling on about Jane’s love life in the first some of episodes, but does give us the story of Lizzie’s as well. We meet her two sisters, her friends, her thoughts and basically her life through exams in grad school to her interesting summer.

Pride and Prejudice adaptations are so commonly focused on the relationship between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. While we hear about Darcy in the first few episodes, he’s never shown, which gives us purely Lizzie’s point of view only until her friends and sisters taker over and encourage her to let up on the “judging a character to quickly thing.”

We binge watch three to four minutes of this fictional web series and get a great modern day example of how a southern mother is portrayed to have the dire need for her daughters to marry when her daughters are just living life video blogging about it.

  • Here are the main characters of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and who they play in this adaptation of Pride and Prejudice in a web series.

lizzie bennet

Ashley Clements as Lizzie Bennet

Ashley Clements plays the infamous Lizzie Bennet. We know she cares for her family and friends, she can also be fairly prejudiced and quick to judge people who she perceives as condescending or a threat to her way of life but she gets through it by video blogging it. Lizzie Bennet is a 24 year old grad student studying mass communications. She has a very close relationship with her best friend Charlotte and adores her older sister Jane. Lizzie is smart,caring and very comical.  The way she dramatizes her family life and events, by dressing up as other characters shows her sense of humor.

char char
Julia Cho as Charlotte Lu

Julia Cho plays Charlotte Lu, Lizzie’s best friend and also the video editor of Lizzie’s amazing video blogs. She’s smart, attentive, and especially funny with her devil drawings and voice overs on Lizzie. She is also creative, hardworking and has a skeptical view point of the world. Charlotte is 24 years old, the same age as Lizzie Bennet and has a more important role in the diaries, compared to the book Pride and Prejudice. Charlotte is the only character who seems to set Lizzie straight, or balance her out letting Lizzie know when she is wrong.

laura spencer

Laura Spencer as Jane Bennet

Laure Spencer plays Jane Bennet. Jane works in the fashion industry where she is often tired and overworked .She is the oldest Bennet sister of course and is “as perfect as ever.” She gets praised and also ridiculed for her excessive sweetness, but she doesn’t come off as fake. She is totally genuine, and she is a wonderful sister to Lizzie and Lydia. She sees the best in everyone just like in the 1813 novel. Her favorite catchphrase is “Its so good to see you”. Jane is very optimistic and often gives people the benefit of the doubt.


lydia bennet
Mary Kate Wiles as Lydia Bennet

Mary Kate Wiles plays an intriguing Lydia Bennet.  Lydia is the youngest Bennet sister who is obsessed with herself, and always seems to get what she wants.We see her as a party girl that loves doing everything anything she can. She’s very open and very social. The affection towards her and her sisters are more expressed in this adaptation. Lydia is very loud and obnoxious, but brings high energy to the series. Of all the Bennet sister’s she has the quickest temper which is know surprise, since she is the youngest and is less mature than her older sisters.



maxwell glick
Maxwell Glick as Mr. Collins

Mr. Collins is a former classmate of Lizzie and Charlotte’s, who asks that he be addressed only as Mr. Collins played by Maxwell Glick. He talks fast, and is quirky but very nice. Lizzie and her facial expressions help with the understanding of how she feels about Mr. Collins.

daniel vincent
Daniel Vincent Gordh as William Darcy

We can already infer that Darcy – played by Daniel Vincent Gordh – is not liked by many people and more importantly, the Bennet sisters. Except an excuse for Jane for she thinks he’s, ‘tall’. In the beginning of the series he is only talked about to be anti-social, boring, and all about work. Darcy is very shy and awkward but tends to be more of a jerk and is arrogant. Due to Darcy being shy, he lacks social skills.

bing lee

Christopher Sean as Bing Lee

Bing Lee is played by Christopher Sean and we can tell he and Jane definitely have a thing for each other. As Lizzie talks about all the time is how perfect they are for each other. Bing lee is a young medical student from Harvard, who is very wealthy and everyone seems to like him.

caroline lee
Jessica Jade Andres as Caroline Lee

Jessica Jade Andres plays Bing Lee’s sister, Caroline Lee. Lizzie misjudges her in the beginning of her episodes but she makes a comeback. Caroline is very nice, and helpful with Lizzie’s video diaries.

Wes Aderhold as George Wickham

Wes Aderhold plays George Wickham, the charming, funny, swim coach that catches Lizzie’s eye in the beginning of the series. He’s a gentleman at first but we’ve read the book, we know he’s deceiving.

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