The Lizzie Bennett Diaries on Facebook



The Lizzie Bennett Diaries is an American Web-Series that derives from Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice, a classic piece of english literature that that deals with issues of social class, marriage, education and upbringing in the classic British Regency. Using American actors and actresses posing as characters features in Austens piece, these actors and actresses incorporate american acting into english literature and try to mesh the two cultures despite the vast number of differences between the two.

With the popularity of the LBD being so high, they were able to be funded by certain agencies for their excelling work and they were able to bring their talented performances to YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. With updates on new episodes, reviews by different viewers and exciting news regarding the series itself, the show took a huge leap as production went forward and garnered attentions by thousands due to their cinematic excellence, the quality of their acting, and also the ability to incorporate a novel of such proportion and relay it in an american sense of view using american values that are far more different than classic english values seen during the times when the novel was written.

The premier of the first episode was April 9th, 2012 and it concluded on March 28th, 2013 after an outstanding 100 episodes. Each episode was between 2-9 minutes and it included stories and tales that were taken right from Austens Pride and Prejudice. It was created by Bernie Suh and Hank Green. Actors and Actresses included 

  • Ashley Clements as Elizabeth Bennett
  • Julia Cho as Charlotte Chu in the web series, but Charlotte Lucas in the novel
  • Laura Spencer as Jane Bennett
  • Mary Kate Wiles as Lydia Britney Bennett
  • Christopher Sean as Bing lee in the web series, but Charles Bingley in the novel
  • Daniel Vincent Gordh as William Darcy in the web series. but Fitzwilliam Darcy in the novel

With over 50,o00 likes on the page, numerous people have been so obsessed with the show, just waiting for the next episode after each one that they watch. On the Facebook page,  each post includes different stories about the show as well as events that derived right from the show. Including reviews from viewers and posts from the actors and actresses updating information on the show, this Emmy-Award winning show made such an impact on the importance of classic english literature because of the ability to reboot the classic novel and transform it into a piece of video culture that attracts the people of our technological society of today.

Awards included

  • Original Interactive Program, 2013 Primetime Creative Arts Emmy®
  • Best Drama Series, 2014 Streamy Award
  • Best Actress in a Drama, 2014
  • Streamy Award
  • Best Interactive Program, 2013 Streamy Award
  • Best Interactive/Social Media Experience, 2013 IAWTV Award
  • Best Web Series, 2012 Award

Even though the Web-Series concluded in 2012, the Facebook page is still alive and it always updated with information on the actors and actresses and future and current works in progress. Despite the show ended, the fans did not forget about it and up to this day, The Lizzie Bennett Diaries is still a popular show to watch.




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