Meet the 21st Century

      The Lizzie Bennet Diaries first and foremost is created for a wide community. This community can interact and experience Pride and Prejudice in a way they couldn’t before. This web series is a much truer representation of the world we actually live in.

Here are are few reasons why..


The Diverse Cast: This modern adaption of Pride and Prejudice was made to meet the interest of today’s society. The diversity of the cast is an obvious change from the novel, and one of the series’ major appeals. The show could very well have been cast with all white actors. When we think of Pride and Prejudice, there’s a certain type of person pictured. But the adapted modern versions bring out other ethnical backgrounds.


Updated Technology: George Wickham posting a sex tape of Lydia does have the power to negatively affect the entire family in today’s society. The references to social media are completely modern. And after all, this is a web series. Technology is what makes the story more relatable. This is because it’s something that we all use. It’s a lot easier for people to relate to sending a text than to writing a letter.


Gender Roles: The main female characters either go to work, or school. With the exception of Mrs. Bennet, each of the women in the series all have life goals that go beyond marring a wealthy husband. They build their relationships around their career goals, rather than the other way round. Women can actually relate the characters in the web series because of their modern lifestyles.

Dramatic plot twist: In the day of pride and prejudice, eloping would’ve been juicy enough. But in the modern day, we have to do things on a larger scale. The sex tape scandal proves how much the Internet can strip away ones privacy. People live this way in the modern world. The mystery of old school romance is harder to find and no secrets are left behind.

The Pride and Prejudice video blog series: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries gives the newer generation something that they can actually be interested in. Not everyone likes to read, but younger people now days love being on the Internet. Naturally viewers get hooked following the series because it is on the Internet and so easy to follow.


The modern adaption of Pride and Prejudice in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries portrays the successful balance that people seek in their own lives. These changes give viewers an actual model relatable to today’s age. Pride and Prejudice has attracted new readers because of the new adaptations. It is important that new adaptions are being generated to bring even more people to the Pride and Prejudice phenomenon. With continued adaptations, Pride and Prejudice will serve as a perfect example of a text that can continuously be reworked to relate to the modern world.






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