Pride and Prejudice: The future.

I often wondered what the world of Pride and Prejudice would be like if it was set in the future one thousand years from now. With the reproductions and modernization of P&P I decided to research what life may be like in 3016 England with a quick little synopsis.

The year is 3016 and a socialist society has endued. Those who were on top; however, have stayed with their old money. The old money has become known as the chosen seemingly immune to the rules of the world not generally liked by the populace, or those of lower class. Darcy’s family is the owner of Howvertech Incorporated the creators of the technology responsible for many social advancements. Mr. Darcy is in search of a wife, he sees Elizabeth Bennet at  a populace meeting he was asked to attend by his close friend Mr. Bingley from their he was conflicted with the fact that he has become involved with a member of the populace yet he decides to marry and raise Elizabeth to the life of a chosen.

Simple sketch I did for Fun

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