LBD Character Analysis

Jane Bennet: the eldest of the three sisters, very sweet. Almost comes off as naïve, but she is willing to stand up for not only herself but her sisters as well. In comparison to the original Jane in the novel, she is just as genuine as a reader would expect. The only difference is in this adaptation Jane has a bit more humor.

Lydia: Party girl. She is what I would consider to be the epitome of a younger sister. Her impulsive ways indicate that she is somewhat a lose cannon just as she is in the previous adaptations and the original. The only noticeable difference from the original involving Lydia would be the relations between her and Lizzie. They have a sisterly bond in this web series versus the tolerance they held for one another due to the inevitability of them being around each other.

Charlotte Lu: Lizzie Bennets best friend; she is smart and witty just like Lizzie. There are many differences between this adaptations Charlotte and the novels Charlotte. Unlike the in the novel, Charlottes character does not face the issue of age, but instead faces the issue of life after college which involves student load debt and family financial issues. Just like in the novel, Charlotte is seemingly realistic when it comes to her future. Though she is quirky, she is also very relatable and finds her stability in work and Mr. Collins.

Lizzie: she is the main character of the vlog series; she is charming, smart and though she reveals essential parts of her life through the web series, I would not consider her to be an open book. She has many qualities that the original Elizabeth possessed such as her quick responsiveness and challenging personality. But minus the judgment.


Mrs. Bennet: Although this character is never physically shown, Mrs. Bennet is portrayed by Lizzie through costume and by mocking her mother’s actions. Mrs. Bennet is the embarrassing mother of the Bennet sisters and wife to Mr. Bennet. It’s her dream to see her daughters married to rich men and to be living the “white picket fence” lifestyle.

Mr. Bennet: Although this character is never physically shown, Mr. Bennet is portrayed by Lizzie through costume and by mocking her mother’s actions. According to Lizzie, he’s a loving and supportive father. He is portrayed by Lizzie by being a distinguished gentleman, someone who doesn’t get involved in drama, and a good father and husband.

Mary Bennet: In this adaptation she is the cousin to the Bennet sisters. She is a bookworm, brutally honest at times, snarky, and her appearance is a goth/emo style.

Kitty Bennet: In the book Pride & Prejudice, Kitty is the second youngest of the five Bennet sisters. However, in this adaptation, she is the Bennet family cat.


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