Interviews with Cast and Crew of LBD!!

Here are some interviews of the Cast and Crew of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries:

“We actually didn’t have a wardrobe person, most of the clothes come from the girls closets. They have such a good understanding of their characters that we never been worried about just saying, bring what you think they would wear.”

Interview with Daniel Vincent Gordh (Darcy):

Q: How would you describe ‘The Lizzie Bennet Diaries’ to someone that’s never heard of it?

Daniel Vincent Gordh: “‘The Lizzie Bennet Diaries’ is a video-blog style of adaptation of ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ adapted for the modern day. It’s a story told mostly through Lizzie’s video-blogs, and Lizzie is a grad student. She’s in her mid-twenties, and she’s kind of at that moment of living at home and having her quarter life crisis. It’s kind of following her life for a year, and you get to follow her life and everyone in her life and all the characters around her, not only through her video blog, but through Twitter and following the characters on Twitter and Tumblr and Facebook. Really, it’s a trans-media experience. It’s an experience where the storytelling goes beyond traditional storytelling methods. So it’s kind of a little bit more of an immersive experience than most traditional media you watch.”

Full Interview here


Q: Be honest — had you read “Pride & Prejudice” before you got the part?


Julia Cho (Charlotte): I did read “Pride and Prejudice” back in high school initially, required reading. We had to read it and had to study it and write about it, but right when the web series started, I did go back and revisit the novel, ‘cause I have my own copy [laughs]. So yeah, I was actually reading along with the show for a while once the episodes aired, and it was really neat to just kind of compare the two, the original source and our web series, and how the show kind of translated the novel to modern times.

Interview with Mary Kate Wiles: full interview here

Hypable: How would you describe your version of Lydia?

Mary Kate Wiles: My Lydia is very different from the Lydia of the book. I think my Lydia is very loyal to her sisters and loves her family. I think Lydia loves fiercely, as [Lizzie] says in the show, she doesn’t do “anything by halfsies.” She’s very energetic and sometimes loud, but everything she does comes from a desire to be valued by her sisters and her family.

What’s different about Lizzie Bennet is that there’s only three sisters, instead of five in the book, which just creates an entirely different dynamic. Because in the book, Lydia has Kitty following her around and letting her be the leader in that dynamic, and in our show Lydia doesn’t have that. She feels like the annoying younger sister. Obviously Lizzie and Jane love her but I think it’s been clear as the show has gone on that there’s this kind of dynamic where Lydia feels left out and not really understood by her sisters.



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