Can’t Get Enough of Pride & Prejudice?

Did you fall in love with Jane Austen’s epic love story? We sure did! Here is a list of Pride and Prejudice adaptations and spin-offs for you to continue this love affair.  Follow the links for information on how to purchase these adaptations. Enjoy!

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The Houseguest A Pride and Prejudice Vagary: In this P&P retelling, Georgiana comes to visit Darcy and Bingley at Netherfield where she meets and makes friends with Lizzy.  Geogiana invites Lizzy to stay with her in London, while Darcy is away. Darcy struggles with his feelings seeing Lizzy in his own home. This novel provides the reader with an inside look into the development of Darcy as a character and the relationship that he holds with Lizzy.  This book received

Unequal Affections: A Pride and Prejudice Retelling: This adaptation plays with the idea of Lizzy accepting Darcy’s proposal when he first asks for her hand.  She simply asks him for time to consider.  In this novel, readers are able to see what it would be like had Darcy and Lizzie “dated.”  We are able to see Darcy struggle with insecurities about their relationship and his pride and are not forced to accept such a quick resolution as in the original telling.

Death Comes to Pemberley: This novel begins six years after Darcy and Lizzie are married and tells of a murder that occurs at Pemberley.  The original characters make appearances throughout the novel as the crime is solved.  Many reviews of this book commend it for closely following the voice of Jane Austen.

The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet: This novel is the companion to the web series on YouTube that follows the life of Lizzie Bennet as she creates video blogs about the ensuing events.  This modernization of the original novel stays true to the plot while giving a relatable 21st-century storyline.

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Pride and Prejudice Miniseries: A 6-hour miniseries released in 1995, with Colin Firth playing Darcy.  Because of the extensive runtime, this series was able to stay true to the dialogue and plot of the original novel.  This adaptation was one of the most highly praised of all film adaptations that have been made.

Pride and Prejudice (2005): Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen play Elizabeth and Darcy in this film.  This film stays true to the original novel as well and is praised for the beautiful English scenery used throughout.

Bridget Jones’s Diary: Renee Zellweger puts on an Oscar-nominated performance as Bridget Jones, a rough-around-the-edges portrayal of Elizabeth Bennet.  Colin Firth plays Mark Darcy.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: This video-blog style spin-off follows Lizze Bennet, a college grad student who tells of the events in her life in each video.  The modernization of the original novel is limited by the “vlogging” platform, but is still able to stay relatively true to the plot while updating it into a 21st-century, social-media obsessed world.

Bride and Prejudice: A Bollywood version of the original novel.  This film is full of music, dancing, and humor.  Even with incorporating the traditional Indian culture into the film and modernizing it, this film is able to stay true to the original plot.

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