Costume Theater

As we know, the costumes in Pride and Prejudice and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries play a big role in scenes in the movie and web series. In Pride and Prejudice the way people dress in 1813 play a big role in what class they are. Color, fabric, and detail play parts in what class you are put in and that is similar to todays society. At formal events the girls will wear gowns or dresses to look more special and feminine.

In the picture above we can see both costume designs and compare them to one another. In Pride and Prejudice they wore similar gowns with similar fabric according to their class. They would put lavender and feathers in their hair and wear sleeves. In the Lizzie Bennet diaries most of what we see is only the top half of the characters bodies. You can see they are wearing formal attire and have their hair done with Lizzie wearing earrings and a nice dress. Something I also noticed is that every time Darcy is around Lizzie, she seems to be wearing a nice dress with some type of jewelry showing that she is trying to dress nice for him.


This picture shows how much a crucial role costume can play in who a character is trying to act like. The costume Lizzie puts on can tell who she is trying to imitate in the web series. each outfit explains a persons personality and is easily recognizable when Lizzie is changing outfits. An example of changing personalities is how Darcy is portrayed below:

Darcy costume theater

You can also find some of the clothes worn in the Lizzie Bennet Diaries below





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