Different Settings in the Lizzie Bennet Diaries

  1. tumblr_n1wtvxVtcJ1qzpqito1_1280.pngThe Bennet’s Family Home: The first setting were introduced to is Lizzie Bennet’s room,which is more of your middle class traditional room. Here we see nothing fancy about it as, we can see pictures and a simple bookshelf in her room during the first episode. Also in this setting we get to see the interactions between the sisters and what takes place inside the Bennet household.
  2. VidCon: In episode 25 Lizzie took a trip to VidCon, which is a video conference held every year in Southern California. Here we get to learn more about Lizzie’s character and what she enjoys doing.
  3. Netherfield Ep: 27 Lizzie is filming from the inside of Bing Lee’s house which is more upscale and shows his wealth. She mention his house having marble counter tops and even mahogany flooring. This setting allows viewers to get a sense of Bing Lee’s style and his taste .
  4. Collins and Collins Ep: 51 Lizzie visits charlotte at her new job in which she received from Mr.Collins.
  5. Pemberley Digital Ep: 77 Lizzie arrives at Pemberley digital, which is Darcy’s company. She is here for her school project, in which she is shadowing the company. Here we see a symbol of Darcy’s wealth as he owns his own company which he inherited from his father.

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